Real Life Revised

Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions

If you need help, If you are willing and commit to the process your life will never be the same. Click the button below and let's discover what God has for you and how I can help.

Assisting Christians find wholeness and freedom!

Because sometimes Real Life needs to be Revised.

Bible based, Spirit-led

We provide Biblically based classes, workshops, and seminars online and live. Our group programs provide support, community, prophetic revelation, and Spirit-led sessions.  

We must be aligned spiritually first.

Whatever is manifesting in the physical realm began first in the spirit realm.Therefore if we want change we must address both. Spiritual first, physical second.

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Our Mission

Is to assist those who are seeking help. Those who want change, wholeness, and freedom in their life. This can only be accomplished as we embrace completely who we were created to be, and step into what we were created to do.

Be, first (Spiritual) - Do, second (Physical)

Personal Ministry

If you are looking for confidential help