Are you stuck, trapped, confused or lost?

Do you need someone to help you sort out your way?

You wrestle with thoughts, doubts, emotional pain and wonder is this all there is?  

You may be depressed, afraid, maybe a bit angry, and you probably feel misunderstood.

The problem is you are tired of dealing with the same old stuff and getting nowhere.


Who do you call?  


Real Life Revised is a Biblically-based approach to uncover the obstacles, remove the barriers, and connect you to God’s plan for your life. We deal with the questions, hurts, habits, and expose the influences that are impeding your progress. So that you are able to connect to God in a deep spiritually alive relationship, that is intimate, vibrant, and rewarding.


Bible based, Spirit-led Ministry

 Assisting Christians find wholeness and freedom!

Because sometimes Real Life needs to be Revised.

We must be aligned spiritually.

Be in right relationship with God. 

Close any door that the enemy has used to have access into our life.

Draw near to the Lord.

Take up our authority as a believer.

Resist the enemy.

Live victoriously, full of power, representing and re-presenting Jesus on the earth.

The day you realize your emptiness,

can be the day you can make the choice for wholeness.

Inner Healing, Deliverance & Transformation