If you’re like most Christians I know, you love Jesus.

I know you wish you read the Bible more and had a great prayer life.

And if you’re reeeally....

like them, you’d love to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord but you got “stuff” that is blocking your path. What kind of stuff, well it could be anything, hurts from your past, unresolved anger, a sin you just can’t shake, thoughts that are just not Godly, you don’t know what to do or where to turn.

It’s just that little or big thing you can’t get past that is in the way.

Not anymore!

I'm Cynthia Martin, minister wife, mother, and "grammie" to the 10 smartest humans on this planet.

I work with Struggling Christians who feel like they’ve hit a wall and can’t move forward. They’ve been searching for answers with no success. Together we overcome the doubts, pain, fear, and the enemy to expose God’s plan. So that they can embrace their true identity, who they were created to be, and be empowered to live their purpose.

It's what I do and I am very good at it!

If you want a deeply rewarding, life fulfilling experience with God Himself, that requires leaving the old and embracing the new. Growing as a disciple — is an important step.  That includes being free of your past and becoming whole. Sometimes that is scary, uncomfortable, or embarrassing. There is is a way for you that is safe, loving and confidential. You must make the decision to go for it,


Freedom and wholeness feels good and so does transformation — and what’s really awesome is everything and everyone around you begins to change as well.

Part of what you need may be deliverance. Let’s face it—deliverance has gotten a bad rap by Hollywood.  We all think of the movie “The Exorcist” — Urg... it was a mooovie.  It is not Biblical nor the way God would set you free.

Enough is enough.

Thankfully, times are changing—and the internet means we’re better informed and more selective about the ministry we consume than ever before.  That means we can connect without you having to travel me or be a member of my church.

If you’re fed up, sick and tired of being sick and tired about whatever,  working with me will change all that.

I’m known for being a loving momma bear, who is blunt, and no-nonsense, so allow me to get straight to the point.  I will go the distance with you! If it be ugly, painful or deeply entrenched.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients ministering, teaching and training with life-changing results.

After working with me my clients have reported...

I feel like I lived in a black and white world and now I am living in color.

I feel like they lost 50 lbs., in emotional weight.

I was able to put the backpack of pain I was carrying down for good.

I feel like the whole world has opened up to me.

I see endless possibilities for my future.

I am empowered.

I feel like I was transported from a dry endless desert to a beautiful tropical island.

I have been given my voice and choice.

It all started….

  • When I found someone who I could connect with, someone I knew could help me.
  • When the pain of where I was, became bigger than my fear of being vulnerable.
  • When I made the decision to face my past.
  • When I made the decision to be real, and stop feeling like a fraud and a fake.
  • When I was tired of not having a voice or choices.
  • When I made the choice to become who I was created to be and live my purpose.

I was in my late thirties when life really began for me..

Once I started my eyes were opened to see so much. I made a commitment to help others. I knew how much I had been helped. I saw how much my life was changed for the good.  It became important to share it, it wasn’t just about me—I am in here to make a difference.


I became known across the industry as someone who genuinely cared about Christians being able to connect with God. Known as the one who would dig to find the root. The one who spoke the truth. The one people who came to when they knew their life has to change.


You can walk in freedom and wholeness so that you can be who you were created to be, and then go and do what you were created to do.

Don't wait! get what you need now!

Every day, I minister, teach, and train amazing Christians, like you.

With the right support, a plan and the Holy Spirit, you can move forward, find deep fulfillment, connect with God more deeply. And I am living proof.

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