Labels are funny things, they somewhat put you in a box.  I understand we try to figure out in our minds who is who and what is it they do.


Well, let me tell you.  I Know Jesus, I know Holy Spirit, and the devil knows my name.  That statement is a bit in your face.  Those who find me for help are broken, confused, beaten down, and sometimes very close to hopeless.


My mission is to bring freedom to the captive so that they can live free and whole. So that you can know who you are, know who God is and understand who your enemy is.


I invite you to check out this website, connect with me on social media, subscribe to my email list, listen to my podcast, follow me on my YouTube channel. 


More importantly, if you need help get it.

Cynthia Martin

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Client Testimonies

What my clients say about me..

"I have been in ministry for twenty plus years, carrying burdens that I could not be free from.  After receiving ministry, with Cynthia, I was set totally healed and free." -  J.S. Florida

"I came with my husband for ministry because he wanted to. Wow, I received so much and problems I've carried for years were resolved." - A. W. Alabama

"I suffered in shame for years, Cross-dressing was my problem, born out of wounding when I was very little.  The enemy magnified the wounding and caused me to believe so many lies. I was trapped." - J.B. Texas

"I feel like I just lost 50 pounds of emotional weight" Wow, my life makes sense. I can see where I need to go and do.- T. G. Michigan

"We came as a couple, as our last hope.  Holy Spirit ministered to us individually, when we were set free and healed personally, we were able to begin again in our marriage.  The time and investment was so worth it." - New York

"I love to hear Cynthia teach, she opens up my eyes and understanding to so much. Whatever she is teaching I want to hear."  D. K. Florida