Real Life Revised

Cynthia Martin

Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions

Because sometimes Real Life needs to be Revised

I help people who want more of God, they want to be connected spiritually. The problem is you don't know where to start, you are confused, you have obstacles, hinderances, relationship problems, hurts and you keep meeting the same issues over and over again different date, maybe the same people, sometimes different people but always the same problem(s).


You have tried several things but you can't seem to get it settled once and for all.  Sometimes you wonder if your life will ever change. That is why I decided to start helping people online just like I do in person. I can help you, I've been helping people for years.


So that you can finally put the past to rest, get the wounds healed, the obstacles removed and finally move on.  So that you can enjoy the peace, power, and purpose you were created for.  Its time to make a decision. it times to take the steps necessary to move on, if you could have done it on your own you would have.

We provide Biblically based tools, support, community, prophetic revelation, and Spirit-led sessions.

Benefit one

When you work with a Christian life coach you invite God into the process. Doing all the work by yourself, without support, can be hard. A Christian life coach partners with the Holy Spirit and helps you to see your blind spots in a safe environment.


Benefit Two

Christian Life Coaching enables you to grow and achieve healthy self-esteem, able to recognize your own value without compromising your dependence on God and Christian values.

Benefit Three

Imagine what life would be like if you were able to operate out of faith because you had spent time with the Father and  You were able to connect in such a way you have learned to hear what He is saying.

We Believe

Spiritual first, Natural second

Whatever is manifesting in the physical realm began first in the spirit realm.
Therefore if we are to change anything we must address both.

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Our Mission

Is to help those who want to change in their life and the lives of those around them.
They want transformation for themselves, their family, city, nation and our world.
This can only be accomplished as we embrace completely who we were truly created to be, and step into what we were created to do.

Be, first (Spirit Realm) - Do, second (Earth Realm)

Private or Group Sessions

If you are looking for confidential help