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Virtual Coffee:  Join with Cynthia and/or Patsy in a free 30 minute session. A meeting to get to know one another to determine if we can help one another.   No sales, No pressure, No program just fellowship and prayer. These Virtual Coffee meetings are by phone or via zoon.

90 Days Phone Coaching

(15 Minute Sessions):  This is a great option for those looking for prayer support, accountability, or coaching in a specific area.  

Clients use this option, when working through a specific issue, or they need additional prayer support.  These sessions are one issue focused.  $25.00 per session.


QUESTIONS: If you have questions, I will happy to provide one free session to answer your questions. Kind of like a sample call Use the schedule a session button.  Only one free session is available.

CURRENT CLIENTS: Once you have paid the program fee, schedule your session(s) from the link that will be emailed to you.


Start Fresh 10-day Challenge, This challenge is offered to those who need to reevaluate where they are and START FRESH.  If you just come to the Lord this is a great challenge for you. If you are coming back to the Lord after maybe turning away.  Or if you've noticed you've just grown weary, drifted away, and you want to reestablish your relationship with the Lord. If you need help or answers this is a great challenge to START FRESH with.  This challenge is delivered via email.  (Also it is available through our membership site once the challenge has been completed). It is an on-demand course, meaning you can start it at any time.

30-day Prayer Challenge, The primary goal is to challenge members to establish a daily habit of prayer. Behavioral experts report new habits are established after 21 days.

Unbound Workshop Unwrapping Performance (People-Pleasing), Fear of failure, Approval Addict, Fear of Rejection,  Blame & Shame  Video teaching sessions and one personal ministry session $127.00

Tame Your Tongue 7-Day Day Challenge,  COMING SOON

Spiritual Warfare School, COMING SOON I believe that learning about Spiritual Warfare and learning to live your life in Kingdom position is crucial to living a victorious Christian life.  Knowing who you are, who your God is and who your enemy is vital to advancing the Kingdom of God in your sphere of influence. Christianity is an exciting adventure waiting for you to take your place. Join us in Spiritual Warfare School.

Real Life Revised, personal ministry Current Investment $3,000.00, Private, individual personal ministry, with Cynthia Martin and ministry partner Patsy Shreve. 15-20 hours of ministry and one year of accountability ministry.  The ministry can be in person or online. - LIMITED AVAILABLE SPOTS



  • Providing connection, Teaching and Training, Prayer and  Accountability.

A place that you can:

  • Be real, Be appreciated, Be challenged,

A group in which you can discover, develop and use your personal spiritual gifts. While growing and learning from one another. Connecting with God and like "hearted" others. A unique group in which you are told the truth and held to it. The current investment is $9.97 per month.

Membership Includes Access to:

  • Fresh Start
  • 30-Day Prayer Challenge
  • Unbound Workshop
  • Taming Your tongue
  • New challenges being added every month
  • Monthly zoom meeting with members only
  • Coaching by email, available as requested (one issue per email, limited to one email per day, excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Marco Polo - teaching and discussion
  • Facebook Discipleship group
  • New courses, teachings, challenges, resources as they are created Discipleship Membership partners will have access.
  • Access to Cynthia and Patsy
Prayer Ministry