Do You Want Exposure and Profit from Your Work Online?



Exposure and Profit 5 Live event,

August 10-12, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia 

My friend Kelly McCausey who is the founder and creator of Love People and Make Money, Daily Faith PLR, and Mom Webs an internet hosting company hosts a yearly event “Exposure and Profit.”  This is her 5th year hosting the event.

Her event being hosted in Atlanta Georgia in August (10th -12th) is an event I recommend wholeheartedly.  Kelly is a bank of knowledge and she also believes in serving.  If you are interested in working online, if you want to grow, get exposure and obtain profit you need to be there.

Getting to know other people who work online helped me because I have so much to learn about websites and technical side of things.  I have found friends who know this part and this friend who knows this part and on and on it goes.  Making new friends provides such a great support system.  When you attend a live event its wonderful to hear the speakers. You learn a ton, yet its hard to put the value on how much you get in the friendships you make.

Facebook Live Interview on Thursday

July 5, 2018 (Thursday) Evening 8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Central I am interviewing her on Facebook @cynthiamartinonline (Click Here to Connect with Me on Facebook)  Be sure to watch the interview.

When we hear exposure it is a bit scary I know. We all think we want to do big things, minister and make money yet when it comes down to it we hide.  Don’t let the word scare you. This event will help you with getting your work the attention it needs.

I am providing a link to her event below.  I encourage you if you are working online or want to either as a ministry or as a profitable business you really need to go to live events.  Hope to see you there!

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As a disclaimer, I am an affiliate. That means if you do purchase a ticket I will get credit for your purchase. I only promote things I believe in.