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Something More Bundle and Summit

I mentioned that I was going to be involved with the summit and I want to be sure you are aware of how you can get my new “Unbound workshop” at a super discount.  I love discounts, don’t you?   The gals who are hosting the summit are offering a bundle of goodies (high-value stuff)…
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The Power of Our Words

Join us today as we discuss the power of our words. Cynthia Martin and Patsy Shreve share at least once a week what is on their hearts. Hey welcome to lunch and learn I’m Cynthia Martin and I’m Patsy Shreeve and we’re going to be your host today. 00:12 Our session today is about the…
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Transforming Your Mind

Join Patsy Shreve and Cynthia Martin as they discuss Transforming your mind on Lunch and Learn.  Under the video, we have also included a detailed transcript if you are one of those people who prefer to read rather than listen. 00:03 hey welcome to lunch and learn i’m 00:05 cynthia martin 00:06 and i’m patsy…
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Soul Ties

Join Cynthia Martin and Patsy Shreve as they discuss Soul Ties. These ties affect us in our soul. They are physical and also emotional. 00:01 Hello everyone we are here again and 00:07 welcome to Lunch and Learn I’m Cynthia 00:08 Martin you’re one of your hosts my Patsy 00:11 Shreve and today’s topic is…
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Is The Spirit of Fear Leading You?

Guest Author Post – Michael Edwards from For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-control. 2 Tim 1:7 BSB Our question is the spirit of fear leading you?   We see in scripture that fear is a spirit that God has not given us. Have you…
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No One Saw it Coming

A pastor I once knew told the story of a friend who took his life and no one saw it coming. It is time we turn the corner and review if we’ve really been looking out for our fellow man.   It’s the sad testimony of many who’ve lost someone they knew and loved, who…
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