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Considering joining me and other engaged Christian women who want their lives to matter.

Real Life Revised Discipleship

You might be asking yourself, why should I join a membership?


When you join Real Life Revised Discipleship Membership.

You get more than teaching, training, Q & A sessions, free courses, mentoring, or prayer.

You get to form bonds with like hearted women.

You get to connect with women who value each other.

You get to build relationships with women who value their faith. You get to discover, practice and utilize your God given gifts and calling.

Real Life Revised Discipleship Membership is more than just a group, it is a membership that builds life long relationships. 


If you would like to ask questions or contact me directly please feel free to send me an email: Cynthia@dlmm.org

As a minister my heart is help those who are seeking spiritual answers. Please feel free to email your questions or prayer requests.