An exclusive community membership filled with other Christian women. A place to get training, live coaching, special guest contributors. And you get to do life with fellow believers building their relationship with our Heavenly Father just like you.

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Founding Member Membership

$ 9.97 / month
  • Membership Self-paced OnDemand eCourses, .eBooks, Video and Audio podcasts, and special guest teaching,
  • Membership Just for a short window we are opening up this membership for Founding members. You will need be willing to help shape and create this community.
  • Membership As a Founding member you will be grandfathered in everything as it is created. Yep that's right.

Connection (coming soon)

$ 20.00 / Month
  • Connection Membership Everything included in the Basic Membership (currently Founding Membership)
  • Weekly Online Group Connection with Cynthia
  • Individual/Personal private email coaching. (one email per day, one topic per day)

Discipleship (coming 2023)

$ 99.00 / Month
  • Connection Membership everything included in connection membership
  • Discipleship Program mentoring, training, and once a month private meeting with Cynthia
  • One year commitment required, Limited availability, Schedule an appointment (button below) to dicuss the program.

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What clients are saying...

“After receiving ministry with Cynthia, I am whole, I am one person. My whole life has been turned around in a good way. Thank You! Cynthia! She is confidential and connects you with truth.”

— C. W.  Florida

“I have sat under Cynthia's ministry for years, she is balanced and always word based. I can't think of another person I would recommend for down to earth straight talking get to the point teaching”

— E. C. Pennsylvania

“I sought ministry for a nightmare that I had been having for over 20 years.  I received healing and freedom from that nightmare and so much more. I just can't explain how much my life has been impacted.”

— L. S.  Michigan

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Your choice is backed by a 30-day guarantee. Why? because I give you your first 30 days free as a trial.  If you are not happy with your purchase for ANY reason send me an email at and I will cancel  membership.  Send me an email and I will cancel your subscription.

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