Ever felt like the tide is against you...

...like every part of your life is under siege?

I work with Christians who are struggling. The problem is they aren’t growing in their faith.

They wrestle with thoughts, doubts, emotional pain and wonder is this all there is?

Often they are depressed, afraid and misunderstood.

Real Life Revised is a Biblically based approach to uncover God’s plan allowing you to overcome the questions, hurts, habits and ungodly influences.  You will connect to God in a deeper more spiritually alive relationship, that feels vibrant, intimate, and rewarding. So you can celebrate who you are, able to share your voice and be empowered to live your personal purpose.

Do you feel broken or damaged? 

Do you feel powerless?

Do you feel like something is missing? 

Are you disillusioned?

Are you disappointed?

Have you been betrayed? 

Are you angry, disappointed, and hurt?

Are you tormented by sadness?

Any of that sound like you?

Imagine waking up every day...

Excited to see what the future will hold.

Loving who you are, going places that you thought you’d never be able to go.

Being promoted at work

Able to share yourself with others

Your relationships are vibrant and healthy

God is working through you and touching people all around you.

You are moving in your spiritual gifts

You are full of Joy and confident.

That is exactly why Real Life Revised was created

Step One
The first step is to schedule an onboarding interview. You will be sent a personal questionnaire that includes information concerning your ancestry.
Step Two
The second step to schedule your One on One ministry sessions.  The program consists of  4-5, generally dependant upon what is needed.  
Step Three
Teaching videos provided to establish biblical foundations for each step of the ministry taking place. 
Step Four
Follow up support,  Scheduled Q & A sessions. One year of membership to Real Life Revised membership site.

Clients Report

  • Able to hold your head up and live confidently

  • Hope is restored in your life

  • Your spirit, mind, will and emotions are at peace

  • You are able to walk in your own authority and voice

  • You are grounded in your position as a believer - able to take your stand

  • You have that assurance that you are in the right place, at the right time.

  • You can see the vision and purpose for your life - anticipation for the future

  • You feel like the slate has been wiped clean, anything is possible.

Setting captives free is my calling and my gifting. What that means is God has gifted with the ability to guide others from where they are into freedom, healing and wholeness.

Licensed and Ordained Minister - 20 years

Certified Trainer of Deliverance and Inner-Healing Ministers - 20 years

Staff Pastoral Counselor 5 years

My clients come from varied backgrounds  Night Club Dancers, Prostitutes, Abuse Victims, to Ministers, Nuns and everything in between.

The investment is $997.00

Real Life Revised will take you from where you are, and get you back into God’s plan for you.