Real Life Podcast

Reading the Bible chapter by chapter, discussion, and prayer. In 15 minutes or less, 5 days a week.


Cynthia Martin

I am your host, Cynthia Martin.  Radical lover of Jesus, Holy Ghost filled, Prophetic Teacher.

This podcast is for you. 

Developed to help the busy person,

if you are trying to work, raise kids, eat right, sleep and love God.

if you don't know how to get started, reading the Bible and praying every day.

Our Story

A few years ago I was working in central Florida and a friend was in the parking lot at work when I arrived.  Now I arrive early and was a bit surprised.  I noticed she didn't look up. Apparently, she was doing something.   Later that day she mentioned sorry I didn't acknowledge you this morning I was doing my devotions. Its the only time I can be alone. I've found if I come into work early I can spend 15 minutes alone with God.

Wow, I thought what a great idea. Who can't carve out 15 minutes in their day?

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