Something More Bundle and Summit

I mentioned that I was going to be involved with the summit and I want to be sure you are aware of how you can get my new "Unbound workshop" at a super discount.  I love discounts, don't you?


The gals who are hosting the summit are offering a bundle of goodies (high-value stuff) in a basic bundle for $27.00. If you purchase the $27.00 bundle my Unbound Workshop is free.  All you would need to do is click the link to sign up and use the coupon MORE2020 on the checkout page.

This workshop alone is currently valued at $67.00, and the investment will go up once I have it recorded.


My Unbound workshop is included with the $27.00 Basic Bundle. What a great deal you get this new workshop and all the goodies.

Before you go over there and check it out be sure to watch the video I created first because it isn't a Christian Bundle and I don't want you to be shocked.


Unbound Workshop will be recorded live, November 7th, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. We will be unwrapping  Performance (Fear of Rejection),  Approval Addict (fear of Failure), The Blame Game (fear of punishment), and Shame Core.  When you purchase the Something More Bundle you will get access to the live workshop and a limited 14-day replay.


If you can't join me live on November 7th you will need to register to get the replay available for 14 days.

Unbound Workshop

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