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Why have I included so much for free? Because God gives us above and beyond what ask than we ask or think. It is my practice to do so as well.  Be Blessed!

The Incredible Value Of You!

(Video Course) Included in the bundle

Each person was designed specifically by God for a purpose. He imparted something of himself into the creation of you. You have a part of God that no one else does. Therefore there are things only you can do.

He lovingly longs for you to recognize your value and purpose.

(eBook) Included in the bundle

The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as our self.  However, most of us don't love ourselves and so it is impossible to love others the way they need.

This cycle of not loving our self and not being able to love our neighbor keeps society spinning and spinning in the same nasty cycles (racism, disrespect, poverty to mention a few).

This eBook encourages us to start on the road of self-respect and even self-love.


Soul Ties

(video teaching and video prayer) Included in the bundle

As life happens we establish healthy and unhealthy relationships with other people, places, and things.

Discover the Biblical teaching, what is a soul tie? How might they apply to me? How do I break these ties?

I have created two short videos (1) teaching (1) prayer - downloadable prayer for your use.