Unbound workshop

Taking Off Performance, Rejection, Blame, and Shame.

Will be Recorded Live November 7, 2020

(Replay's available for a limited time)

Taking off the things that bind

Most Christians are living far below the abundant life that Jesus promised.


Do you struggle with trying to please others so much you've lost yourself?   Are you so afraid you are going to be rejected that you retreat and miss out on God's best? Its time to deal with blame and face shame.


In Luke 11 Jesus said, to those present to "Unwrap him and let him go"   when you register for the Unbound Workshop we will begin taking off people-pleasing, fear of rejection, blame, and shame. Be sure to join us.


The workshop will be recorded live and replays will be available to those who register. (This is a Christian Workshop and based on Biblical principles.)


The current investment $67.00


When Christ told His disciples, You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32), he was referring to the application of truth in every area including the most basic issues of life: our goals, our motives, and our sense of self-worth.

The Workshop Schedule


Session One: The Performance Trap, recognizing, and dealing with People-Pleasing.


Session Two: Fear of Rejection, Holding your back encouraging you to retreat so that you miss God's best for you.


Session Three: Taking a good look at the Blame Game.


Session Four: Taking off the cover and revealing the lie of Shame.





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