Who are the captives? Why do they need to be set free?

Setting Captives Free

If you are captive, you probably already know. You may not know where it came from or how to get out but you have a clue you are captive. However, there is a group of people who have no idea they are what I define as “captive.” Here is a short list (for sure not exhaustive) of what they maybe captive to:

Confusion Shame Lack Guilt
Entitlement Hopelessness Poverty Depression
Pride Alcohol/Durg Addition Pain/Sadness Fear
Arrogrance Anguish Sickness Secrets
Striving Emotional Wounds Low Self Esteem Anger
Stress Self Sabotage Curses Self- Pity
Religion Control Lost or Stuck Terror/Torment

On my application for ministry, I review Eleven pages of items that can cause a person to need inner healing or deliverance.

Who are these captives? They are the people you meet every day. They may be in your family, your church; they may be people you work with or it might be you.

A young woman that I ministered to had made some seriously wrong choices and found herself without a job and without a home. This pattern had occurred three or four times in her history. About the time she would finally make it, her life would fall apart and she would be at the bottom all over again. She came to me broken and ready to hear what God would say about her life. After a session, Holy Spirit revealed that her belief system was based upon several lies. This system of lies kept her from succeeding. Once those lies were dealt with and new beliefs established, she rebuilt her life and now enjoys success.  That ministry was 13 years ago.

In 1997, I wanted help but I was not able to find anyone who would teach me or discuss the kind of help I was looking for. My Doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who gladly prescribed antidepressants for me.

I couldn’t find a Christian or minister who would discuss the topic of freedom. there was not anyone who could give me any idea of who I could find that might get me some answers.

I could not find a Christian who wanted to talk about freedom or deliverance or spirit/soul healing. It was not a welcome topic in the Christian circle I was in. I had friends who were talking about this ministry in a town about 50 miles away. This ministry was called “a ministry of deliverance.” I wondered if maybe I needed this ministry. I was scared and the name “a ministry of deliverance” sounded a bit weird, but thought I am going to force myself to face whatever needs to be faced. I needed help.

I made an appointment and received ministry (several appointments).

After I left my last appointment, I told the Lord, “I will help others who need this kind of help.” It is a big lie that deliverance is scary.

Deliverance or freedom ministry isn’t accepted by all ministries/churches/denominations. However, I knew it was a valuable biblical ministry.

Jesus dealt with these kinds of issues in people and I have never understood why people reject it.

Over the last 20 years, the people that have been healed and set free far outweigh any opposition I have faced.

When you are looking for answers today we have the internet, we have trusted ministers who have helped many.  Don't let the reputation or the Hollywood version scare you. Ask the Lord to connect you with a trustworthy ministry.

Blessings, Cynthia