The Journey to You 2.0, Tell Me Who I Am

  • Define your dream - you can be successful in fulfilling it
  • Embrace your potential - become more than you think
  • Helpful insights & practical steps

         (Online Workshop)


  • Increase in your personal self-confidence
  • Steps and Assurance to you going in the right direction
  • Watch on your schedule (on-demand).

The Journey to You, 2.0 - Tell Me Who I Am

  • Defining Your Big Picture

  • Discovery of Your Why

  • Unlocking Your Creativity

  • Creating a Vision Board

  • Discover your Dream/Vision/Goals

vision board
  • What is Your Definition of Success?

  • What About Managing Your Time

  • Rid Yourself of Negative People

  • Achievement by Association

  • Succeeding at Goal Setting


My mission is to help the spiritually bruised, broken, and bound obtain wholeness and freedom.  What does that mean? I help people unravel the mess that they are in. I assist them as they get their spiritual life in order.  My goal is to get them connected to Holy Spirit and teach them to begin walking a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led life. I offer: 

  • Life Transformation Prayer Ministry online or in person

  • Inner Healing and Deliverance

  • Generational/Bloodline Issues

  • Mindset/Belief System

  • Curses, Vows, & Judgements

  • Accountability

  • Mentoring

  • Discipleship

  • Training - online courses, webinars, workshops & live events


My clients discover, embrace, their identity and use their giftings and pursue their God-given destiny.


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